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Human Resources
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Ensure participation in decision-making by ensuring employment of the right people without discriminating between religion, language, race, sex, disability, raising employee satisfaction, enhancing loyalty and productivity to the institution, creating an environment that allows them to develop themselves.

We see our employees as the most valuable source of the company as the Çetin Civata Family. In our fast growing, open to change and learning company, we are engaged in many activities to ensure the development of our employees.

Human Resources Policy

Çetin Civata aims to select candidates who are qualified for the institutional culture and who have the qualifications required by the relevant position. Qualified and high quality recruitment processes are carried out by subjecting all candidates who will be recruited to objective evaluations

In recruitment we first to see the following,

  • His/Her commitment to work,
  • His/Her inclination to team work,
  • His/Her hard work,
  • His/Her communication skills,
  • His/Her flexibility about the changes in the work life,
  • His/Her methods of dealing with stress,
  • His/Her solution methods and result oriented self

Çetin Civata is focused on educating its managerial resources. Horizontal or vertical intra-organizational transition / supervision in this framework is followed by management team.

Career opportunity in Çetin Civata

Would you like to be a part of a team which works with family bonds and also professional while you are climbing career steps? The Çetin Cıvata family is looking for colleagues who will produce surplus value. If you want to join Çetin Civata family, you can send your CV to us [email protected] .

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