They became a world wide brand

Çetin Cıvata which is established by Tecdelioğlu family; is in the fasteners sector for 4 generations since 1915. Tecdelioğlu, who stated that they started production on 1976 as Çetin Cıvata, said that it has become one of the leading fasteners integrated production facility in our country by increasing both production quality and product variety in years of successful company, and added: “With more than 750 experienced employees, 140,000 m2 outdoor, 65,000 m2 indoor area, 4 production facilities for domestic and foreign customers and 2 marketing companies, has become a worldwide brand with investments for the future that serve the manufacturing sector. The speed and quality achieved in production increase customer satisfaction while increasing brand power in international markets.”     Target: 75 thousand tons of production Çetin Cıvata, which has an annual production capacity of 60 thousand tons, contributes the Turkish economy with exporting its production’s 50%. 90% of it exports to many European Union countries and the countries such as Germany, France, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkic Republics, Russia and Israel. We continue to listen from Mustafa Necati Tecdelioğlu: “All the processes are the most important facilities that are realized in their own, with the production capacity of 60.000 tons per year, with the production of all kinds of standard and special part fasteners (bolt, screw, stud, jab, rivet etc.) in the thinnest 2.9 mm diameter 30 mm diameter range. The production capacity increased from 6 thousand tons on 201 to 60 thousand tons today and the 2020 production projection was targeted as 75 thousand tons with new investments. Tecdelioğlu; especially states that they have become a world wide brand on the fasteners with their competitive structure and their product quality which are on international standards.   We are Proud and Happy Çetin Cıvata, which transforms all processes of their raw materials that they have supplied without depending on outside within themselves in their İstanbul and Malatya integrated facilities to final product, is quite happy for announcing Turkey’s name to whole world. Tecdelioğlu continues his words like this: “In parallel with our experience, expert staff, philosophy which do not compromise from quality and innovative approaches with the expectations and needs; our aim is to continue our “trustworthy” and “quality service” understanding, produce not standard, above-the-line products with continuing being one of the most important firms in future also as in today.”