Çeti̇n Civata is in the building fair

Çetin Civata, which is the participant of the building fair for years, took its place in the Building Fair which has visitors from Turkey and neighboring countries. The spokesman of Çetin Civata, who states that the products they have produced are used in building – construction sector in high amounts and that is why the fair is important, continued his words like this: “At the Building Fair, there are opportunities to meet people from different countries. This is important in order to improve exports. We are participating in many exhibitions both at domestic and abroad.” The authorities, who stated that the trade volume should grow for the growth and development of our country, said that the fairs are a great help for this. The fairs are seen as an opportunity to find new customers as well as to strengthen the commercial ties with the permanent customers. Building Fair has access to producers and sellers of many products such as insulation, installation, elevator, joinery, interior decoration, lighting, hardware, structural steel and prefabricated structures. It grows every year with the support and contribution of the sector professionals until the day when it is organized from the first year until the day it is managed to increase the number of exhibitors and visitors. Çetin Cıvata was on the 2nd Hall in the Tüyap Fair Center, in the fair in which all building materials will be introduced.