Çeti̇n Civata exhibited its products in hefi fair

Çetin Cıvata, which produces all kinds of cold formed standard bolts, screws and studs of 3 millimeters to 27 millimeters, and also performs all kinds of special connection elements according to customer demand, continues its activities with its 42 years production experience. As of today, Çetin Cıvata Authorities, who stated that they give 40% of their bolts, screws and fasteners to the automotive and white goods sectors, talked about the investments of the Tecde Group and the importance of the HEFI Fair. As Tecde Group on 2017; in their 3 firms; the group which produces approximately 30 thousand tons as Çetin Cıvata A.Ş., Mertsom Somun (Hadımköy Factory) and Tekno Bağlantı (Malatya Factory), and their 2018 target is produce 40 thousand tons. 40% of the export of the firm which produces and stores with its 700 employees in total of 75 thousand square meters indoor space. Mertsom, one of the Tecde Group companies, produced special products. And the growth target of this company is, within the following 5 years, become a factory which produces 6000 tons of special products in a year. authorities stating that Turkey has an important position white goods and side industry in the world wide; believe that we will strengthen this condition gradually. It is thought that this fair, where the Turkish white goods industry exhibits its own technology and its products, and the consumers and customers come together, is beneficial.. The authorities, who think that such fairs will make a positive contribution to the export by creating new market and business associations opportunities, said that they participated in the exhibition as a supplier of white goods industry.